Compañía Envasadora del Atlántico (CEA) was founded In 1982, IN Barranquilla, Colombia as an agro-industrial COMPLEX with the main objective of supplying the food and juice industry with processed fruit, under the most strict quality and technical parameters. with 12 years of experience in the local market, the company has succeeded in expanding and increasing the number of production lines in order to offer its products worldwide. Today, CEA’s products are offered according to the needs and specifications of clients around the world.

CEA currently has five (5) aseptic pulping lines and one (1) frozen pulp and juice line, making our products present in more than 37 countries around the world.

CEA is the home of the famous Magdalena River Mango®, processed exclusively in our facilities. Other products we process include the “Pink Guava” puree, Passion Fruit juice and Tomato paste. All of these productsare 100% natural, free of preservatives substances, dyes, artificial flavors or other additives.



OUR mission IN Compañía Envasadora del Atlantico – CEA is to supply raw materials and finished products in a growing and profitable way to the nationAL and international food and beverage industries, under the strictest quality parameters, for the benefit of its members and the agricultural sector of our country.


At Compañía Envasadora del Atlántico we process quality fruit pulps, characterized by compliance with the requirements applicables, by the reliability of our products and firm orientation to satisfying our customer need.
To achieve this purpose all the members of the company, participate in the control of risks and in the continuous improvement of our processes; We also have modern technology and competent personnel.

With the creation of Fundacea, a non-profit organization, we have developed, implemented and integrated a sustainability production model. Our goal is to promote a new organizational system of growers adapted to a modern food distribution chain supply with a well-built raw materials channel, working in a cohesive way AND based on the knowledge of all processes to add more and more value to our products and services.